Thursday, February 19, 2009

CVS ECBs-- Just like cash

--What are ECBs good for, anyway?

You can use them on just about anything in the store, not just CVS brand products.
Exclusions: prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, lottery, stamps, gift cards, money orders and pre-paid debit cards (this includes prepaid phone cards).

--My receipt says I have $3 in ECB. Why didn't my order reflect a $3 discount?

ECB are coupons that you earn. They print at the bottom of your receipt for various promotions.
You NEED TO MAKE SURE that you cut them off the receipt and save them before you throw out the receipt or mail it off for a rebate

--Can I buy something for $3 and use a $5 ECB?

You could, but you would lose money. You must use the full amount of the ECB, because it will not carry over or give you money back.

--Will you still get the Extra Care Bucks if you forget your CVS card?

Give the cashier your phone number, and it will credit your Extra Care account with your purchases.

--How can I see what ECBs I have earned?

Look at the bottom of your receipt. Each week, there will be a list of the purchases that you have made toward the various promotions, and whether or not the limits have been reached.

--If I accidentally let things expire, can I get them back, or am I out of luck?

If you accidentally let the ECB expire, you are out of luck. Since the advent of the instant printing ECBs, you can NOT call and have your ECBs reset.
Customer service has, on a very few occasions, created a NEW ECB to replace the expired or lost ones, but I would not count on this lasting for long. Once people are accustomed to the new instant printing system, any concessions will undoubtedly disappear. The weekly CRT coupons are a promotional bonus and CANNOT be reset.

--If I do several different promos in the same day, how do the ECBs print out? As one big ECB, or separate ones for each promo?

Each promo will print a separate ECB.

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