Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Building a Staples List--And How to Use It

You will find that your staples list and your stock pile will work hand in hand. As you are making your Staples list (the items that you and your family use regularly), be sure to note if there are name brand items that you prefer to buy (due to allergies, or just because you like them better) as opposed to the off brands. With your staples list in hand, you will find yourself scouring the Sunday sales fliers looking for those items and seeing who has the best deal.

Your staples list will also be the starting point of your price comparison book. A price comparison book is a notebook or tablet that has your list of Staple items on it, along with the regular prices of those items from the stores where you shop most of the time. With this price book, you will easily be able to see where your best deals are for the everyday prices, and where your best sale price is.

Here is a very rough example:

On 7/1 xyz product is on sale for 3.50 at CVS, and 4.00 at Harris Teeter you have a .60 cpn for xyz product, and it is triples weekend at Harris Teeter

Walmart 32 oz. size
Reg Price 3.79
Sale Price n/a
Coupon -0.60
OPP 3.79 (.12 per ounce)

CVS 32 oz. size
Reg Price 3.89
Sale Price 3.50
Coupon -0.60
OPP 2.90 (.09 per ounce)

Ingles 16 oz. size
Reg Price 4.09
Sale Price n/a
Coupon -0.60
OPP 3.49 (.21 per ounce)

Walgreens 32 oz. size
Reg Price 3.99
Sale Price n/a
Coupon -0.60
OPP 3.39 (.11 per ounce)

Harris Teeter 16 oz. size
Reg Price 4.29
Sale Price 4.00
Coupon - 1.80
OPP 2.20 (.13 per ounce)

So by looking at your price book, you know that with Triples this week at Harris Teeter your best price is there.

Make sure that you are listing the prices of the like items, so you will have multiple listings for products that have different sizes.

Having this book also allows you to be able to see which sale has the best price per unit.

Price divided by the number of units (lbs, oz), so while the Harris Teeter is the best out of pocket price, the best price per ounce is CVS.

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