Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3/8 Deals Cont.

Sorry for the delay, Sinuses and Life got in the

Sale Price
Cpn --amount--date cpn came out and who from
ECBs or RR earned

**Easy saver cpns come from a book that the store has at the front. Each month they put out a new book. The front half of the book has instant cpns (that you must present to the cashier to redeem), and the back half has rebates that you mail in and get credit to your gift card or a rebate check back.

Make sure to have other items to eat up the overage--these are called fillers (a candy bar, a drink,--usually something cheap)

Garnier Fructis Hair Care
$.99 (after instant coupon)
$1.00 off -- there have been several cpns including from this past weekends
$2.00 easy saver cpn (pg 18)
$2.99 -$2.00Easy saver cpn-$1.00 cpn= -.01

Walgreens also has some good deals after RR (register rewards--like ECBs in that you use them like cash on your next visit)

Advil PM 16 ct. liqui-gels or 20 ct. caplets
Sale 4.49 - RR $2.00 = Like paying $2.49
--this can be $.49 if you have the $2.00 cpn that came out in the 3/8 cpns

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste
Sale $3.49
ES cpn $2.50 (pg 23)
$3.49 - $2.50 es cpn = .99
--this deal can be better if you find the $1.50 cpn that is out--I could not find it in my cpn book, but I am told it is out there. With the extra cpn, it becomes a MM (money maker) just be sure you have a filler

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