Monday, April 27, 2009

New Walgreens in Hendersonville

Anyone who has driven down US 25 in Hendersonville, NC has seen the construction of the new Walgreens. The building has been sitting there completed for weeks, and we are just waiting for the Grand Opening. Well looks like we have to wait a little longer. According to a cashier I spoke with at the Arden store, May 15th is the goal for the Grand Opening.

An interesting fact about new stores:
When Walmart built their new store on Highland Square (geez has it really been almost 10 years ago already?) I learned that from the time the store takes occupancy (gets the keys and the construction guys are totally finished) it takes 6 weeks to set up the fixtures and get the stock in place for the grand opening.

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  1. It seems like it's taken 10 years to get the new Walgreens open! I drove by it today & the doors were open & it looked like they were moving stock in. Maybe soon....