Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stumbled into a good deal

I stopped by CVS this evening on my way home and stumbled into a good deal. As I walked into the store there was a table covered in clearance items. Mostly sun tan lotions and CVS branded items, but what caught my eye were the 2 One Touch Ultra Mini blood glucose meters. I quickly grabbed both as I was almost certain that I had coupons for them. When I found my coupons I nearly fell in the floor, my coupons were for $20 off of 1 meter.

I will admit that I tried to use both of my coupons (hey a girl can try can't she)lol. The cashier asked, and then used one of my coupons to cover the cost of both of the meters. So I got two One Touch Meters for FREE!!!!

I have checked and none of my family are in need of a new meter at the moment, so I am looking into donating these meters. I am checking with my son's Boy Scout troop, and other groups around the area.

Don't you just love a good deal -- rather a FREE deal!!

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