Monday, April 25, 2011

What drives me crazy

I may have blogged about this before but it is still driving me here goes!

Disclaimer: This is my blog and MY Opinion.

Checking out of WalMart the other night (picking up my Free body wash) I noticed a guy with a 10 or 15 body wash bottles. Now I am all about the free stuff, and building a stock pile, but is cleaning out a shelf really necessary? I mean I had to go to three WalMarts to find the Nivea to be able to use my 2 coupons. No I did not get the last two bottles.

Now for what really drives me crazy. The last couple of times I frequented the local flea market, I walked by table after table of Free with coupon items. I am all about using free items to help out with expences for the family but to go out and then try to sell it? It really gets to me when I see the items that I had to go to several stores to find at all to USE in my own household.

If anyone ever sees me selling any of the items I have used coupons to get free, you have the OK to chew me out.

So what do you do with the items if you get too many? Like I said in my previous post, donate them. Local shelters and food banks can put them to good use. There is also the Red Cross. Folks who have lost everthing to fire or disaster can benefit too.

Using coupons to benefit your household is one thing, but using coupons and then reselling for your own financial in my opinion............WRONG!

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